Hi, I'm Emre Kanik



And I have been taking photos seriously since 2009. I started this website now that I am confident that I'm good enough to provide you with great photos. Some of my photos have been exhibited (one in New York and a few in The Netherlands) and some have been used in magazines. The photographs on this site however, are all about South Korea. My Flickr and Imgembed pages have more pictures (some from other countries than South Korea) so have a look. Want to buy one in print? Take a look at my Crated page where you can find many of my photos that are featured on this site. If you're interested in using a photo of me on your medium, or have a photo assignment you want to hire me for, contact me by filling in the form below.


Photographing is not all I do however; I also write about my life in South Korea and trips I've made in this beautiful country. When I write I try to give the reader a sense that they are in the middle of the particular situation I'm describing. Go have a look on my blog to know what I mean. One of my stories has been translated into Korean and published in Newsweek Korea. If you're also interested in using a story of mine on your medium, contact me by filling in the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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